Although I am a Smalltalk ambassador and I have devoted several years of my life to promoting this fantastic language, I’ve also taken valuable time out of my schedule to warn the world about this wretched language called JavaScript. Consider it a public duty. And thankfully, a great many people have been listening. The JavaScript phenomenon is a mass psychosis has garnered over 110,000 views. The Three Worst Programming Languages has received more than 46,000 views. The Fall of the House of Node has over 38,000 views. JavaScript is a Dysfunctional Programming Language has received over 35,000 views. At Quora, I am as well-known for my JavaScript criticism as I am for my Smalltalk advocacy. Similarly at Hacker News and Reddit, and social media in general.

My fervent hope is that I may eventually put an end to this ISIS-inspired programming language.

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