All programming languages will hit a limitation eventually as application size grows. Maybe a transpiled language will hit that limitation sooner than JavaScript, but I wouldn’t obsess over performance so early in the game. Premature optimization is the bane of software developers.

In most situations, I am certain that a transpiled language will do fine. I have to ask: when is software “fast enough?” Why is JavaScript fast enough just because it’s JavaScript?

This all seems pretty arbitrary. In the final analysis, use a transpiled language and if it proves to be an incorrect choice, take corrective action. Using JavaScript won’t automatically be the correct choice. Of course, if it isn’t, you’re stuck because JavaScript is the only language native to the web browser.

One chooses a programming language not only for performance reasons. Other things like velocity of development and productivity and scalability and code maintainability and reliability must be considered. JavaScript cannot win in all of these criteria, if indeed it wins in any of them! Hence, the reason to use transpiled languages.

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