A valid point, but one that is impossible to quantify. Would it alter the ranking of JavaScript in a significant manner? Nobody knows.

It is entirely possible to do a good deal of web work without delving into JavaScript much. I’ve been writing web applications for over 10 years using Java, Python, C#, PHP, Smalltalk, and Go, and the few times that I needed JavaScript was to interface with something like jQuery. It’s utterly shocking how little JavaScript I actually know.

The tenor of the article is that you should dive right into the deep end of the JavaScript pool, and I’m suggesting that you only need to get your feet wet. Forget FP. Forget object prototypes. Forget ES6. You only need to learn the very basics of JavaScript to do web development.

Even on the front end where everybody is saying JavaScript is so hot and so necessary, you can largely bypass JavaScript and use transpiled languages. I’m not talking about CoffeeScript and TypeScript. I’m talking about real languages like Smalltalk, Python, Clojure, Dart, Elm, even Java and Scala.

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