It is not arrogant for someone to express their political opinion. I suspect you call me arrogant and self-important because you disagree with my opinion, not that I expressed an opinion.

Every Canadian politician is an ignorant bigot.

Every Canadian politician supported the illegal abduction of Meng Wanzhou.

Every Canadian politician supported the anti-China propaganda nonsense about Uyghur genocide, Uyghur forced labour, and Uyghur concentration camps.

By these actions, Canada destroyed our long-standing good relationship with China for no reason at all.

There is no good choice among any of the political parties in Canada. So I will sit out this election.

For the past two years, I’ve been ashamed to call myself Canadian.

The extradition narrative was a facade, a sham, used to obscure the fact that the US was…

I recently read a couple of articles reviewing why Smalltalk “died”:

This got me thinking. Why can’t Smalltalk be revived? For the most part, Smalltalk’s weaknesses have been addressed today.

While the Smalltalk community is still somewhat fragmented, there are really only three prominent Smalltalk flavours for enterprise use: open source Pharo, commercial VAST, and commercial VisualWorks. Commercial Smalltalks are important because many enterprise users insist on having solid, reliable, commercial support.

Pharo is becoming increasingly important in the enterprise space, especially with support from the Pharo…

Last night, I had a premonition in my sleep that I was going to get brain cancer. It literally scared me awake.

And do you know what was the first thought on my mind? Not that I was going to leave my friends and family behind. Not that I wouldn’t survive to the average Canadian life expectancy of 80 years (for men). Not that I would miss the upcoming Star Trek series with Michelle Yeoh (“Section 31”).

No, my first thought was whether I would live long enough to shepherd next summer’s Camp Smalltalk Supreme event to success. If I die without seeing this through, I’ll never be able to live with myself.

So, pray to whatever god you believe in that I don’t get brain cancer, please.


I have the green light to proceed with Camp Smalltalk Supreme, the 2022 50th anniversary edition of Camp Smalltalk.

It’s scheduled for June 10–12, 2022 at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada.

I’ve confirmed Adele Goldberg, Dan Ingalls, and Kent Beck as keynote speakers for this very special event.

Here is the official website:

Here is the promo video:

Here is the GoFundMe campaign: I’m also seeking corporate sponsorship.

I hope many people will attend this event. It should be a blast.

I am totally ashamed to be Canadian. Our government is comprised of ignorant fools.

There is no Uighur genocide. If these idiot politicians bothered to visit Xinjiang, they could see the truth for themselves.

They could see Uighur culture flourishing. They could see mosques everywhere and Uighur street signs everywhere. They could see pregnant Uighur women and Uighur children playing in the streets. If China is committing genocide, it’s doing a really, really terrible job of it.

Unless they think Xinjiang is one vast Potemkin village, they must trust what their eyes tell them.

Insightful documentary. However, I worry that it may exacerbate anti-China sentiments and encourage scapegoating for the pandemic.

Did China make mistakes? Undoubtedly. Did Western countries make mistakes? Unquestionably. Everybody made mistakes during this crisis.

However, the mistakes made by the West were far more costly. By the end of January, the entire world had all the information about COVID-19. Had they acted immediately to mitigate spread, they could’ve managed the pandemic quite well.

Instead, they delayed and procrastinated for nearly two months. The result? Today, the US has 466,988 deaths, Brazil has 228,883, Mexico has 161,240, India has 154,862…

Rachel Chiu of the Cato Institute published the following opinion piece at USA Today: My grandmother stood up to the Chinese Communist Party. President Joe Biden should too.

I felt compelled to dispel the many misleading ideas in the piece, which seems rather detached from current reality.

First, Ms. Chiu presents a sad tale about her grandmother’s treatment at the hands of the Communist Party of China (hereafter known as CPC) during the Mao years.

She then transitions to modern China under Xi Jinping and continues her criticisms of the CPC with the implication that nothing has changed from the…

Everybody must be wondering why Asian countries did so much better than Western countries in managing the COVID crisis. Is the explanation rooted in politics or culture or race or bad luck or something else altogether? This is what we’re going to find out.

Let’s look at number of deaths per million population for various nations as of December 3, 2020 (Source: worldometer)…

Major Asian Economies:

  • for Taiwan, population 24 million, this number is 0.3. Taiwan has 7 deaths
  • for Vietnam, population 98 million, this number is 0.4. Vietnam has 35 deaths
  • for China, population 1,439 million, this number is…

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